Mario Kart Wii: Portugal Non-SC Stats

Welcome to the Portugal Non-SC Stats page for Mario Kart Wii. These stats are based off of the Non-SC Portugal Top 5s. This page lists rankings by number of 1st-place finishes, and by a point system based on positions on the individual track charts.

Point Rankings

A ranking based on the position of each of a player's top 10 times. 1st place is worth 10 points; 2nd place 9; down to 10th place which is worth 1 point.

No. Player Tally
1 JMM 160
2 DvD 88
3 MickX 78
4 André C. 71
5 Monyz 61
6 Nathan 14
7 Andre_MCR 3
8 AdSF 2
8 EzLiar 2
10 Rafa10 1

1st-Place Finishes

A ranking based on the number of tracks a player has a 1st-place record on.

No. Player Tally
1 JMM 32