MKLeaderboards Rules


MKLeaderboards aims to create a listing of the world’s top Time Trial records for various Mario Kart games. We compile records found from all respectable sources, including in-game leaderboards, YouTube, Discord, and other leaderboard websites. Many of our records also come from user submissions. This page outlines the rules we use to determine whether a record is valid for addition to MKLeaderboards, as well as determining its category (such as glitches).

General Rules

The following rules apply to all games listed on MKLeaderboards. Exceptions to these rules may be made in their individual game’s section below.

  • Records must be set only on official Nintendo consoles (no emulators).
  • Records must be set using an official, unmodified game disc (for disc-based consoles), cartridge (for cartridge-based consoles), or Nintendo eShop game download (on newer consoles).
  • No modifications to the game may be made, unless otherwise specified. This includes, but is not limited to, cosmetic changes (colors, textures, music, sound), changes to button mappings, changes to graphics and 3D models, GUI changes (such as sprites and speedometer), and physics/gameplay changes.
  • Official Nintendo controllers and 3rd party controllers are both permitted. However, controllers with modified electronics or controllers with turbo/macro functions are not permitted.
    • Physical modifications or fixes/repairs to controllers are permitted.
  • Savestates may be used only on official Nintendo emulators (e.g. Virtual Console), but their use is prohibited between the beginning of the race countdown and when the ghost saves (or would normally save).
  • Slow-motion, rewind, and “live replay” techniques are prohibited.
  • Pausing may be used during a race, but only minimally. Excessive pausing, pausing to buffer inputs, or pausing to save time lining up for shortcuts/glitches is not allowed.
  • Records using glitches and significant unintended shortcuts are not allowed on the main leaderboards. Some games have special leaderboards created for records using certain glitches.
    • If a new shortcut/glitch is found, staff deserve the right to rule it as invalid for the main leaderboards and reject the record until appropriate charts are created.
  • You must specify your true nationality when submitting records. Players with dual/multiple citizenship may choose their preferred country. However, staff reserve the right to change any player’s listed nationality if they see fit.
  • Anyone may submit their records to MKLeaderboards, even those outside the main leaderboards; these will be placed on players’ individual profile pages. However, records that fall on the main leaderboards must have sufficient proof provided. Proof guidelines are listed in the individual games’ sections.
    • Staff deserve the right to request additional proof before adding a record to the leaderboards.
  • The rules listed herein are subject to change. Staff reserve the right to add or remove players and/or records from the website with or without a change to the ruleset, with or without notice.

Game-Specific Rules

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

  • In-game ghosts, pictures of the end-of-race result screen, pictures of the record displayed on the menu screen, videos, and livestreams are permitted forms of proof.
    • Videos and pictures should show the entire screen.
    • End-of-race pictures are discouraged for 150cc records in favor of menu screen pictures.
  • Inward Bike records must use one of the following vehicles:
    • Comet
    • Jet Bike
    • Master Cycle
    • Sport Bike
    • Yoshi Bike

Mario Kart Wii

  • CTGP is an allowed modification and is the preferred method of play, due to its anti-cheat mechanisms.
    • The “My Stuff” and “Remove Game Music” options must be turned off when using CTGP.
  • ISOs and official Wii discs are allowed, though discs are preferred. The only allowed modifications to ISOs and Wii discs are Wiimmfi and staff ghost (.rkg) patches. Cheat codes are not allowed.
  • Playing the game in 50Hz mode to achieve easier chain wheelies is prohibited.
  • Videos, pictures, livestreams, and ghosts (shared using CTGP or Ninrankings) are permitted forms of proof, with videos/livestreams and ghosts being strongly recommended.

Shortcuts and Glitches

This section lists the shortcuts and glitches that are excluded from the main leaderboards, but may have separate leaderboards for records that use them.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

No shortcuts and glitches are known for this game. If and when they are discovered, they will be added here.

Mario Kart Wii

Normal driving is considered Non-SC. The techniques listed below (SCs) are considered shortcuts/glitches and are only eligible for the Unrestricted charts, or the Alternate SC charts where specified.

Mushroom Gorge

  • Riding on the walls or mountain is considered SC.
  • Cutting the final turn by going over the gap is considered Non-SC, as long as no wall riding is involved. Clipping the wall without riding it is considered Non-SC.

Toad's Factory

  • Clipping off the crates on the conveyor belts to pass through the walls from the outside of the factory to the inside is considered SC.
  • Jumping off the bumps to skip the pond before the mud section is considered Non-SC.

Mario Circuit

  • Clipping trees to cut parts of the track is considered SC.

Coconut Mall

  • Going out of bounds is considered SC.
  • Skipping the first U-turn is considered SC.

Wario’s Gold Mine

  • Hopping on or off any pipes or beams is considered SC.
  • Using Lakitu to respawn before the last turn to trigger a new lap is considered SC.
  • Cutting the gap over the right turn after the bat cave is considered Non-SC, as long as there is no contact with any pipes or beams.

Maple Treeway

  • Going out of bounds is considered SC.
  • Skipping checkpoints to manipulate lap counts is considered SC.
  • Cutting the U-turn after the Wiggler field is considered Non-SC.

Grumble Volcano

  • Riding the rock to the left of the finish line is considered SC.
  • Hopping on or off any rocks is considered SC.
  • Skipping across the lava to gain time using Lakitu is considered SC.
  • Hopping on and off the rock shortly after the cave exit (the “Rock Hop”) is considered an Alternate SC.

Bowser’s Castle

  • Using the half-pipes to skip to the upper section of the track is considered SC.

Rainbow Road

  • Using the fence near the finish line to skip further through the course is considered SC (this has yet to be performed non-tool-assisted).

GCN Peach Beach

  • Clipping trees to cut parts of the track is considered SC.

SNES Ghost Valley 2

  • Clipping walls or beams to cut parts of the track is considered SC.

N64 Sherbet Land

  • Clipping the finish line pole to skip a lap is considered SC.

GCN Waluigi Stadium

  • Bouncing off the banner to land before the halfpipe section is considered SC (this has yet to be performed non-tool-assisted).

DS Desert Hills

  • Skipping the lake at the beginning by clipping or hopping on the wall is considered SC.

GBA Bowser Castle 3

  • Skipping straights by using the yellow ramps, in any fashion, is considered SC.
  • Riding walls without skipping straights is considered Non-SC.

N64 DK’s Jungle Parkway

  • Clipping trees to cut parts of the track is considered SC.
  • Clipping the fence to skip the spiral before the cannon ramp (the “Spiral Skip”) is considered an Alternate SC.

GCN DK Mountain

  • Clipping fences to skip to the parts of the track below is considered SC.
  • Skipping the chasm before the final turn is considered Non-SC.

N64 Bowser’s Castle

  • Clipping the wall at the bridge before the spiral to force Lakitu to respawn above is considered SC.
  • Riding the walls is considered Non-SC.