Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Ireland Country Records

Welcome to the Ireland Country Records page for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. This page shows the best times set on each of the tracks in the game. You can select a country or region to see the best times set by players from that area. At the bottom, you'll find a ranking of players by the amount of records they hold.

150cc Records

Track Track Country Player Score My Score Diff.
MKS Mario Kart Stadium FunkyMonk95 1:48.341
WP Water Park FunkyMonk95 1:54.118
SSC Sweet Sweet Canyon FunkyMonk95 2:02.737
TR Thwomp Ruins Kevin 1:52.577
MC Mario Circuit Remobit 1:47.294
TH Toad Harbor FunkyMonk95 2:20.408
TM Twisted Mansion FunkyMonk95 2:07.864
SGF Shy Guy Falls FunkyMonk95 2:12.067
SA Sunshine Airport FunkyMonk95 2:16.135
DS Dolphin Shoals FunkyMonk95 2:12.484
ED Electrodrome FunkyMonk95 2:17.300
MW Mount Wario FunkyMonk95 1:57.466
CC Cloudtop Cruise FunkyMonk95 2:17.062
BDD Bone-Dry Dunes FunkyMonk95 2:07.756
BC Bowser's Castle FunkyMonk95 2:19.694
RR Rainbow Road FunkyMonk95 2:20.304
rMMM Wii Moo Moo Meadows FunkyMonk95 1:40.197
rMC GBA Mario Circuit FunkyMonk95 1:36.761
rCCB DS Cheep Cheep Beach FunkyMonk95 2:04.034
rTT N64 Toad's Turnpike FunkyMonk95 2:05.740
rDDD GCN Dry Dry Desert FunkyMonk95 2:20.346
rDP3 SNES Donut Plains 3 FunkyMonk95 1:35.256
rRRy N64 Royal Raceway FunkyMonk95 2:13.251
rDKJ 3DS DK Jungle FunkyMonk95 2:19.226
rWS DS Wario Stadium FunkyMonk95 2:08.904
rSL GCN Sherbet Land FunkyMonk95 2:16.628
rMP 3DS Music Park FunkyMonk95 2:15.825
rYV N64 Yoshi Valley FunkyMonk95 2:20.144
rTTC DS Tick-Tock Clock FunkyMonk95 2:04.612
rPPS 3DS Piranha Plant Slide FunkyMonk95 2:18.223
rGV Wii Grumble Volcano FunkyMonk95 2:14.508
rRRd N64 Rainbow Road FunkyMonk95 1:31.543
dYC GCN Yoshi Circuit Elpis 1:48.076
dEA Excitebike Arena FunkyMonk95 1:56.356
dDD Dragon Driftway Elpis 1:45.828
dMC Mute City Remobit 1:52.907
dWGM Wii Wario's Gold Mine Elpis 2:05.932
dRR SNES Rainbow Road Elpis 1:30.362
dIIO Ice Ice Outpost Elpis 1:52.877
dHC Hyrule Circuit Elpis 1:52.177
dBP GCN Baby Park FunkyMonk95 1:11.272
dCL GBA Cheese Land FunkyMonk95 2:02.786
dWW Wild Woods FunkyMonk95 2:00.805
dAC Animal Crossing FunkyMonk95 1:52.075
dNBC 3DS Neo Bowser City FunkyMonk95 2:03.075
dRiR GBA Ribbon Road FunkyMonk95 2:06.384
dSBS Super Bell Subway FunkyMonk95 2:03.139
dBB Big Blue FunkyMonk95 1:36.400

200cc Records

Track Track Country Player Score My Score Diff.
MKS Mario Kart Stadium Kevin 1:09.159
WP Water Park Kevin 1:13.373
SSC Sweet Sweet Canyon Kevin 1:23.852
TR Thwomp Ruins Tommy 1:18.579
MC Mario Circuit Kevin 1:13.817
TH Toad Harbor Kevin 1:28.039
TM Twisted Mansion Elpis 1:25.182
SGF Shy Guy Falls Kevin 1:28.385
SA Sunshine Airport Kevin 1:30.241
DS Dolphin Shoals Kevin 1:25.286
ED Electrodrome Kevin 1:24.710
MW Mount Wario Kevin 1:16.866
CC Cloudtop Cruise Kevin 1:31.271
BDD Bone-Dry Dunes Kevin 1:24.980
BC Bowser's Castle Kevin 1:31.421
RR Rainbow Road Kevin 1:34.618
rMMM Wii Moo Moo Meadows Tommy 1:00.117
rMC GBA Mario Circuit Kevin 1:01.388
rCCB DS Cheep Cheep Beach Kevin 1:16.599
rDP3 SNES Donut Plains 3 Kevin   57.860
rRRy N64 Royal Raceway Kevin 1:24.982
rDKJ 3DS DK Jungle Kevin 1:28.967
rWS DS Wario Stadium Kevin 1:24.182
rSL GCN Sherbet Land Kevin 1:19.251
rMP 3DS Music Park Kevin 1:26.958
rYV N64 Yoshi Valley Kevin 1:26.865
rTTC DS Tick-Tock Clock Kevin 1:15.707
rPPS 3DS Piranha Plant Slide Kevin 1:28.391
rGV Wii Grumble Volcano Kevin 1:23.991
rRRd N64 Rainbow Road Kevin   56.813
dYC GCN Yoshi Circuit Kevin 1:17.331
dEA Excitebike Arena Kevin 1:17.722
dDD Dragon Driftway Tommy 1:19.226
dMC Mute City Kevin 1:24.767
dWGM Wii Wario's Gold Mine Kevin 1:26.470
dRR SNES Rainbow Road Kevin 1:04.399
dIIO Ice Ice Outpost Kevin 1:18.901
dHC Hyrule Circuit Kevin 1:23.217
dBP GCN Baby Park HydroSn4ke   49.971
dCL GBA Cheese Land Tommy 1:22.970
dWW Wild Woods Kevin 1:17.741
dAC Animal Crossing Kevin 1:11.398
dNBC 3DS Neo Bowser City Kevin 1:23.678
dRiR GBA Ribbon Road Kevin 1:19.377
dSBS Super Bell Subway Kevin 1:13.997
dBB Big Blue Kevin 1:03.933


No. Player Tally
1 Kevin 41
2 FunkyMonk95 39
3 Elpis 7
4 Tommy 4
5 Remobit 2
6 HydroSn4ke 1