Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: United Kingdom Country Records

Welcome to the United Kingdom Country Records page for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. This page shows the best times set on each of the tracks in the game. You can select a country or region to see the best times set by players from that area. At the bottom, you'll find a ranking of players by the amount of records they hold.

150cc Records

Track Track Country Player Score My Score Diff.
MKS Mario Kart Stadium mk8james 1:35.650
WP Water Park Eclipse 1:40.945
SSC Sweet Sweet Canyon vxlocity 1:49.719
TR Thwomp Ruins Tripz 1:50.878
MC Mario Circuit Eclipse 1:46.342
TH Toad Harbor Tripz 2:03.981
TM Twisted Mansion MKIbra 1:55.161
SGF Shy Guy Falls MKIbra 1:56.573
SA Sunshine Airport Eclipse 1:59.379
DS Dolphin Shoals L1am 1:55.584
ED Electrodrome Fearless 1:57.374
MW Mount Wario MKIbra 1:43.592
CC Cloudtop Cruise Joe 2:00.335
BDD Bone-Dry Dunes vxlocity 1:49.354
BC Bowser's Castle vxlocity 1:59.875
RR Rainbow Road mk8james 1:59.932
rMMM Wii Moo Moo Meadows MKIbra 1:25.253
rMC GBA Mario Circuit Sam03 1:24.329
rCCB DS Cheep Cheep Beach vxlocity 1:48.521
rTT N64 Toad's Turnpike Jai 1:46.623
rDDD GCN Dry Dry Desert Joe 1:55.773
rDP3 SNES Donut Plains 3 MKIbra 1:14.889
rRRy N64 Royal Raceway L1am 1:55.734
rDKJ 3DS DK Jungle vxlocity 2:01.979
rWS DS Wario Stadium Lee 1:51.153
rSL GCN Sherbet Land MKIbra 1:48.224
rMP 3DS Music Park MKIbra 1:52.852
rYV N64 Yoshi Valley Tigan 1:59.435
rTTC DS Tick-Tock Clock MKIbra 1:44.672
rPPS 3DS Piranha Plant Slide MKIbra 2:00.692
rGV Wii Grumble Volcano vxlocity 1:54.779
rRRd N64 Rainbow Road kwartz 1:20.349
dYC GCN Yoshi Circuit Fearless 1:43.724
dEA Excitebike Arena Tommm 1:42.315
dDD Dragon Driftway L1am 1:40.932
dMC Mute City Safwan 1:51.811
dWGM Wii Wario's Gold Mine vxlocity 2:02.830
dRR SNES Rainbow Road Fearless 1:27.037
dIIO Ice Ice Outpost Euan 1:47.287
dHC Hyrule Circuit MKIbra 1:48.937
dBP GCN Baby Park vxlocity 1:02.447
dCL GBA Cheese Land Fearless 1:44.870
dWW Wild Woods L1am 1:47.652
dAC Animal Crossing L1am 1:38.284
dNBC 3DS Neo Bowser City vxlocity 1:43.370
dRiR GBA Ribbon Road vxlocity 1:47.487
dSBS Super Bell Subway Fearless 1:41.540
dBB Big Blue vxlocity 1:23.933

200cc Records

Track Track Country Player Score My Score Diff.
MKS Mario Kart Stadium 4laps2win 1:07.952
WP Water Park 4laps2win 1:11.147
SSC Sweet Sweet Canyon 4laps2win 1:21.659
TR Thwomp Ruins 4laps2win 1:16.373
MC Mario Circuit 4laps2win 1:13.170
TH Toad Harbor 4laps2win 1:26.767
TM Twisted Mansion 4laps2win 1:22.388
SGF Shy Guy Falls SKaR 1:26.089
SA Sunshine Airport 4laps2win 1:28.882
DS Dolphin Shoals 4laps2win 1:22.747
ED Electrodrome 4laps2win 1:22.763
MW Mount Wario 4laps2win 1:15.795
CC Cloudtop Cruise 4laps2win 1:29.443
BDD Bone-Dry Dunes 4laps2win 1:20.297
BC Bowser's Castle 4laps2win 1:26.721
RR Rainbow Road Euan 1:32.288
rMMM Wii Moo Moo Meadows 4laps2win   58.876
rMC GBA Mario Circuit 4laps2win 1:00.419
rCCB DS Cheep Cheep Beach 4laps2win 1:15.962
rTT N64 Toad's Turnpike 4laps2win 1:12.167
rDDD GCN Dry Dry Desert 4laps2win 1:17.917
rDP3 SNES Donut Plains 3 4laps2win   56.513
rRRy N64 Royal Raceway 4laps2win 1:24.124
rDKJ 3DS DK Jungle 4laps2win 1:28.605
rWS DS Wario Stadium 4laps2win 1:21.961
rSL GCN Sherbet Land SKaR 1:17.285
rMP 3DS Music Park 4laps2win 1:23.921
rYV N64 Yoshi Valley 4laps2win 1:24.511
rTTC DS Tick-Tock Clock 4laps2win 1:13.858
rPPS 3DS Piranha Plant Slide 4laps2win 1:27.193
rGV Wii Grumble Volcano 4laps2win 1:22.723
rRRd N64 Rainbow Road kwartz   56.335
dYC GCN Yoshi Circuit Euan 1:13.598
dEA Excitebike Arena 4laps2win 1:14.799
dDD Dragon Driftway 4laps2win 1:17.429
dMC Mute City 4laps2win 1:21.208
dWGM Wii Wario's Gold Mine 4laps2win 1:25.865
dRR SNES Rainbow Road 4laps2win 1:02.163
dIIO Ice Ice Outpost 4laps2win 1:17.307
dHC Hyrule Circuit 4laps2win 1:20.525
dBP GCN Baby Park Fearless   45.262
dCL GBA Cheese Land 4laps2win 1:17.659
dWW Wild Woods 4laps2win 1:17.148
dAC Animal Crossing 4laps2win 1:10.407
dNBC 3DS Neo Bowser City 4laps2win 1:19.600
dRiR GBA Ribbon Road 4laps2win 1:17.701
dSBS Super Bell Subway 4laps2win 1:13.253
dBB Big Blue 4laps2win 1:00.844


No. Player Tally
1 4laps2win 42
2 vxlocity 11
3 MKIbra 10
4 Fearless 6
5 L1am 5
6 Eclipse 3
6 Euan 3
8 Joe 2
8 SKaR 2
8 Tripz 2
8 kwartz 2
8 mk8james 2
13 Jai 1
13 Lee 1
13 Safwan 1
13 Sam03 1
13 Tigan 1
13 Tommm 1