Mario Kart Wii: Denmark Non-SC Country Records

Welcome to the Denmark Non-SC Country Records page for Mario Kart Wii. This page shows the best times set on each of the tracks in the game. You can select a country or region to see the best times set by players from that area. At the bottom, you'll find a ranking of players by the amount of records they hold.


Track Track Country Player Score My Score Diff.
LC Luigi Circuit Mark 1:09.684
MMM Moo Moo Meadows Kasper 1:16.110
MG Mushroom Gorge Mark 1:42.012
TF Toad's Factory Yasu 1:50.593
MC Mario Circuit Mark 1:22.515
CM Coconut Mall Mark 1:56.799
DKSC DK's Snowboard Cross Mark 1:50.523
WGM Wario's Gold Mine Yasu 1:52.344
DC Daisy Circuit Kasper 1:30.112
KC Koopa Cape Kasper 2:21.129
MT Maple Treeway Kasper 2:19.219
GV Grumble Volcano Mark 1:52.812
DDR Dry Dry Ruins Kasper 1:49.216
MH Moonview Highway Kasper 1:44.663
BC Bowser's Castle Mark 2:21.996
RR Rainbow Road Bob 2:24.958
rPB GCN Peach Beach Mark 1:13.919
rYF DS Yoshi Falls Kasper   59.719
rGV2 SNES Ghost Valley 2 Mark   53.369
rMR N64 Mario Raceway Kasper 1:42.534
rSL N64 Sherbet Land Mark 2:05.599
rSGB GBA Shy Guy Beach Kasper 1:23.210
rDS DS Delfino Square Mark 2:05.826
rWS GCN Waluigi Stadium Dunx 1:52.528
rDH DS Desert Hills Mark 1:36.520
rBC3 GBA Bowser Castle 3 Kasper 2:18.413
rDKJP N64 DK's Jungle Parkway Mark 2:14.631
rMC GCN Mario Circuit Kasper 1:31.878
rMC3 SNES Mario Circuit 3 Mark 1:18.663
rPG DS Peach Gardens Mark 2:00.797
rDKM GCN DK Mountain Mark 2:07.983
rBC N64 Bowser's Castle Mark 2:32.380


No. Player Tally
1 Mark 17
2 Kasper 11
3 Yasu 2
4 Bob 1
4 Dunx 1