Mario Kart Wii: Player Profile


Here, you can find a listing of all of the records by Isaac for Mario Kart Wii. For each track, the score and ranks are listed. This page is divided into sections by record category (such as Non-SC or Shortcut/Glitch).

Non-SC Records

Track Track Score WR Diff.
LC Luigi Circuit 1:09.619   4 +    0.732
MMM Moo Moo Meadows —  
MG Mushroom Gorge —  
TF Toad's Factory —  
MC Mario Circuit —  
CM Coconut Mall —  
DKSC DK's Snowboard Cross —  
WGM Wario's Gold Mine —  
DC Daisy Circuit —  
KC Koopa Cape —  
MT Maple Treeway —  
GV Grumble Volcano —  
DDR Dry Dry Ruins —  
MH Moonview Highway —  
BC Bowser's Castle —  
RR Rainbow Road —  
rPB GCN Peach Beach —  
rYF DS Yoshi Falls —  
rGV2 SNES Ghost Valley 2 —  
rMR N64 Mario Raceway —  
rSL N64 Sherbet Land —  
rSGB GBA Shy Guy Beach —  
rDS DS Delfino Square —  
rWS GCN Waluigi Stadium —  
rDH DS Desert Hills —  
rBC3 GBA Bowser Castle 3 —  
rDKJP N64 DK's Jungle Parkway —  
rMC GCN Mario Circuit —  
rMC3 SNES Mario Circuit 3 —  
rPG DS Peach Gardens —  
rDKM GCN DK Mountain —  
rBC N64 Bowser's Castle —  
Total Total 1 / 32

Unrestricted Records

Track Track Score WR Diff.
Total Total 0 / 32

Alternate SC Records

Track Track Score WR Diff.
GV Grumble Volcano
rDKJP N64 DK's Jungle Parkway