Mario Kart 7: Australia Non-Glitch Country Records

Welcome to the Australia Non-Glitch Country Records page for Mario Kart 7. This page shows the best times set on each of the tracks in the game. You can select a country or region to see the best times set by players from that area. At the bottom, you'll find a ranking of players by the amount of records they hold.


Track Track Country Player Score My Score Diff.
TC Toad Circuit Paradox 1:19.547
DH Daisy Hills Paradox 1:39.111
CCL Cheep Cheep Lagoon Paradox 1:33.862
SGB Shy Guy Bazaar Paradox 2:02.918
WL Wuhu Loop Paradox 1:23.343
MC Mario Circuit Paradox 1:57.599
MP Music Park Paradox 1:45.684
RRM Rock Rock Mountain Paradox 1:58.562
PPS Piranha Plant Slide Paradox 1:48.308
WS Wario Shipyard Paradox 1:54.238
NBC Neo Bowser City Paradox 1:42.946
MW Maka Wuhu Paradox 1:26.544
DKJ DK Jungle Paradox 1:55.970
RIW Rosalina's Ice World Paradox 1:50.272
BC Bowser's Castle Paradox 1:58.689
RR Rainbow Road Paradox 1:36.285
rLR N64 Luigi Raceway ORANGE 1:42.968
rBC1 GBA Bowser Castle 1 Paradox 1:11.829
rMG Wii Mushroom Gorge Paradox 1:34.264
rLM DS Luigi's Mansion Paradox 1:43.789
rKTB N64 Koopa Troopa Beach Paradox 1:30.325
rMC2 SNES Mario Circuit 2 Paradox 1:09.408
rCM Wii Coconut Mall 8w 1:55.729
rWP DS Waluigi Pinball Paradox 2:11.787
rKD N64 Kalimari Desert Paradox 1:34.790
rDKP DS DK Pass Paradox 1:57.117
rDC GCN Daisy Cruiser Paradox 1:26.546
rMT Wii Maple Treeway Paradox 2:15.780
rKC Wii Koopa Cape Paradox 2:07.148
rDDJ GCN Dino Dino Jungle Paradox 1:50.193
rAF DS Airship Fortress Paradox 1:54.163
rRR SNES Rainbow Road Paradox 1:13.359


No. Player Tally
1 Paradox 30
2 8w 1